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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you of the types of personal information AC Allen, Paquet & Arseneau LLP collects about you in the process of performing professional services on your behalf. It explains how we use and disclose that information and the safeguards that we have taken to insure that personal information is not divulged to any unauthorized parties.

What is personal information?
Personal information is any information that is identifiable with you as an individual. This information includes but it not limited to your name, mailing address, phone numbers, email address, personal identification numbers, credit card numbers, banking information and creditor information. Personal information however does not include such matters that are identified with any business that you may be involved in including your business title, business address, business telephone number and such other items that are to identify you with your business. Furthermore, such information obtained in your capacity as an employee of an organization is not considered to be personal information.

How do we collect your personal information?
We will always collect your personal information by fair and lawful means and with your full knowledge and consent or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

How do we use your personal information?
We identify the purposes for which we use your personal information at the time we collect such information from you and obtain your consent. The primary reason we use personal information is to provide such information to required governmental authorities and as otherwise instructed by you. We may also use your personal information as otherwise permitted or required by law.

When and how do we obtain your consent?
We obtain your consent at or prior to collecting, and in any case, at or prior to using or disclosing your personal information for any purpose. You may provide your consent to us either orally or in writing. From time to time, we may collect, utilize or disclose your personal information based on your consent and as permitted or required by law.

How do we ensure the privacy of your personal information when dealing with third parties?
We ensure that the third parties which are engaged to perform services on our behalf and are provided with personal information have been authorized by yourself or permitted or required by law and that they themselves observe the intent of this Privacy Statement. We will always seek to obtain your express consent prior to disclosing such personal information.

How long will we utilize, disclose or retain your personal information?
We might keep a record of your personal information, correspondence or comments for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and as permitted or required by law. We have established minimum retention periods and procedures depending on the nature of the information.

How can you review your personal information that we have collected, utilized or disclosed?
We will make available to you any specific personal information that we have collected on you, utilized or disclosed, upon your written request, to the extent permitted or required by law.

How do we know that the personal information we have on you is accurate?
We will ensure that your personal information is kept as accurate, complete and up to date as possible. We will not however routinely update your personal information, unless such a process is necessary. We expect you, from time to time, to supply us with written updates to personal information, if applicable.

What if the information on you is inaccurate?
You can at any time, challenge the accuracy or completeness of the personal information we have on you. If you successfully demonstrate that your personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, we will amend the personal information as required. Where appropriate, we will transmit the amended information to third parties having access to your personal information.

How fast will we respond to your written request?
We will attempt to respond to each of your written requests not later than 30 days after receipt of such request. We will advise you in writing if we can not meet your request within this time limit. You have the right to make a complaint to the Federal Privacy Commission in respect of this time limit.

Are there any costs to you for requesting information on your personal information or on our privacy statement or practices?
We will not assess any cost to you for access to your personal information or on our Privacy Statement or practices without first providing to you an estimate of the approximate cost, if any.

How do we know that it is really you requesting your personal information?
We may request that you provide sufficient identification to permit access to the use or disclosure of your personal information. Any such information shall be used only for this purpose.

What safeguards have we implemented to protect your personal information?
We have implemented physical, organizational, contractual and technological security measures to protect your personal information from loss or theft, unauthorized access or disclosure, copying, use or modification. The only employees who are granted access to your personal information are those with a business "need-to-know" or whose duties reasonably require such information.

How do you contact us regarding access to your personal information and our privacy statement and practices?
All comments, questions, concerns or complaints regarding your personal information and our Privacy Statement and practices, should be forwarded to our Privacy Officer in writing or email. (See below for all information)

Attention: Mr. Alain Pitre, CGA
Privacy Officer / Officier de confidentialité
AC Allen, Paquet & Arseneau LLP
Chartered Accountants / Comptables agréés
PO Box 519
Campbellton, NB
E3N 3G9


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